Hi, This is my first time in China. I need to get the Shanghai Pudong International airport T2 from the north rail station
Could you say how to do in easy way and cheep and how long would be. Thank you in advance.

For the north railway station, do you refer to the SH Railway Station on Moling Road, Zhabei District?
If so, the airport shuttle bus line 5 can take you from the station to the airport. The boarding station is just in front of the McDonald’s on the railway station south square.

Residence permit for foreign students in China

For the first application, the applicant must apply in person but, for the second application, the applicant’s school or a family member can apply on behalf of the applicant.

Amendment of residence permit details

If you change your purpose of residence, your passport number or if there is a change regarding another person included in your residence permit, you should apply to the residence permit issuing authority for a new residence permit within 10 days.

Do the schools in Jinshan District accept overseas students?

Currently, only the foreign students who moved in Jin Shan District with their parents are accepted by the schools. The other types of foreign students are not accepted.